CfP: Sonic Discomfort - Discussing Colonial Heritage in Contemporary Pop Culture and Music

Pop culture as a people's culture indicates the idea of being a global phenomenon and a unifying practice that includes everybody alike.

We invite researchers, writers, visual artists and all interested people from different disciplines to submit their articles, illustration and other proposals for the first edition of 'Sonic Discomfort'. In collaboration with the platform for music research, Norient, accompanying the creation process of the print version selected entries will be published online on the website beforehand and audiovisual material can be shared via the network. Thinking of a global world as it is today and a possible paradigm shift towards what it can be, we welcome strong ideas and positions which challenge social inequalities and propose alternative visions of today's cultures and music markets. The focus should be set on the relation of power positions, representational modes of gender, race, class, ethnicity and nation as well as possible counter positions and subversive strategies within cultural creation.

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