IASPM D-A-CH hosts a biennial three-days-conference (every even year) that takes place alternately in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This conference is the main academic event of IASPM D-A-CH and generally brings together many members of IASPM D-A-CH and international colleagues to discuss current and topical research. The conferences, with a specific topic, are open to all scholars interested in Popular Music Research.

During the conferences, the Maria Hanáček award is awarded to the best presentation by doctoral researchers.

22.-24. October 2020, Beate Flath and Christoph Jacke will host the next IASPM D-A-CH conference in Paderborn.


The 3. IASPM D-A-CH Conference was held in Berne 18-20 October 2018 under the umbrella theme “Pop- Power-Positions”. Watch Videos of the Panels and Papers, read the German language student conference reports and listen to podcasts here