Sound Installation Werner Jauk

Werner Jauk

Werner Jauk

Sound Installation Werner Jauk für IASPM D-A-CH Reception, Kassel 2017

A research-soundscape
or „doing“ pop-music/-research ?

by Werner Jauk (A) / KFUG-Ars Electronica


Research is research on samples of samples of samples and thereby shifting contexts… Ex/s-ampling can be considered being the main step in „doing“ construction by setting specific context.

Sampling is part of analysis – analysis does synthesis … the soundscape of samples of research on popular music within the IASPM D-A-CH makes this process to be heard. Samples are reduced to grains losing their context. Staying within the time-domain, organizing grains leads to the perception of sound (modulated in the frequency-domain), rhythm and form – just by the „use“ of analysing methods and music as digital data, freed from any material and cultural contexts.

By this way, is it less a soundscape indicating the research than music made by sampling within an each specific context, creating a divers plurality of contexts of samples.

You may be part of this diverse plurality: enter your mood and the context of samples will change – but, in a process of interrelation with the needs of other participants …

Normally this collective and collectivizing process of making sample-music by diverse plural contextualization is done by detecting bodily emotion tracking the motion while listening to samples modified by bodily contexts …

This experience between „science and art“ leads to propose communication of multimodal conceptualization in pop-music-research-processes by multimodal „information“ overcoming it´s „intermedial transposition“ because of the dominance of verbal texts.

Finally, glitches are intended … leading away from theory based or systematically extracting methods of re-construction of samples – or, even from contextualisation by individual needs …


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