IASPM Journal Vol 8, No 1 (2018): Gender Politics in the Music Industry

This special issue focuses on Gender Politics in the Music Industry. It contains seven special issue articles, one open section article, and six book reviews.
Kara Attrep examines venues owned and curated by female proprietors; Toby Bennett analyzes discourses on gender inequality in contemporary UK music industries; Cecilia Björck and Åsa Bergman pay attention to the representation of women at jazz festivals in Sweden and the US; Helen Reddington sheds light on gender aspects in studio work via the concept of ventriloquism; Cécile Navarro explores the glocal intricacies of gender politics in music on the example of the Urban Women Week festival in Senegal; Charity Marsh analyzes the potential of community-based arts projects to challenge the gendered power dynamics of the music industries; Caroline O'Sullivan presents an ethnographic research on the dance and indie scenes in Dublin in the pre and post Social Media era.
In the open section of this issue, Adrian Sledmere attempts to deploy the Gothic in relation to Amy Winehouse. The review section consists of reviews from Liam Alan Maloy, Verónica Dávila, Nabeel Zuberi. Derek B. Scott, Nicholas P Greco, and Laura Niebling.

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