Call for Chapters: Punk Reader #2 - Global Punk in the 21st Century

Following the groundbreaking publication of The Punk Reader: Transmissions from the Local to the Global (now0 in its second edition through Intellect and the Punk Scholars Network), the series editors would like to invite proposals for a second volume in the book series, ‘Global Punk’, to be published in early 2020.

Deadline: 29.04.2019

The publication will be part of an exciting collaboration between Intellect and the Punk Scholars Network, a partnership that has seen the development of a Punk Scholars Network imprint.

The ‘Global Punk’ series editors – Russ Bestley, Mike Dines, Alastair Gordon and Paula Guerra – are seeking contributions from a range of interdisciplinary areas, including cultural studies, musicology, ethnography, art and design, history and the social sciences, for an edited volume on post-2000 global punk ‘scenes’, reflecting upon the notion of origin, music(s), identity, membership and circulation.

This book series adopts an essentially analytical perspective, raising questions over the dissemination of punk scenes and their form, structure and contemporary cultural significance in the daily lives of an increasing number of people around the world.

With a truly global outlook, the geographic focus represents a ‘level-playing field’ – the editors do not wish to inadvertently discriminate between countries/cultures and welcome proposals from all countries and continents across the globe.

Contributors are invited to submit chapters exploring any of the following themes (this list is by no means exhaustive):

- Use of new media, communications, social networking, Internet;
- Ethnographic considerations of scenes/spaces/places;
- Political appropriation: re-definitions of ‘anarchism’, ‘ecology’ and
anti-authoritarianism within punk scenes;
- Notion of local/national/international ‘scenes’, tribes,
- Music and the performer: creativity, authorship, identity, problems
with definition, crossing musical boundaries;
- Reception, DIY cultures, activisms;
- Lifestyles, festivals, squatting, traveller culture, vegetarianism,
animal rights, straightedge, etc.;
- Gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity and identity;
- The art of punk: record covers and associated graphic styles, cinema
and video, among others.

Proposals should be 500 words maximum and should be submitted together with a list of five keywords and a brief biography of the author (100 words).

Submitting a proposal implies that the chapter will contain original, non-published material and is not simultaneously being submitted to another publication.

The deadline for abstract submissions is *Friday 29 April 2019*, with a decision on inclusions being made by Friday 17 May 2019. First draft of chapters will need to be finalized by 1 October 2019 to allow time for final editing.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to: m.dines @