CfP: 9th issue of Transposition "Sexualities"

Transposition. Music and Social Sciences Issue 9 (2020): Sexualities

Deadline for Proposals: July 1st
Full articles: January 2020
Coordination: Esteban Buch and Violeta Nigro Giunta
More Information:

Issue 9 of Transposition. Music and Social Sciences aims to explore the multiple forms in which the connection between music and human sexuality has manifested itself since Antiquity, in most cultures. It seeks to compile recent research on the place of music in people’s sex life, and how music gives shape to shared representations of sexuality—two aspects which make this an eminently political phenomenon, in that it is indissociable from the questions of gender roles and power relations between men and women. In addition to the field of music and its technological systems, this CFP is also open to proposals examining the sonic dimension of sex life and representations of sexuality, from the perspective of sound studies. The aim is a publication serving as a reference on sound and music, considered in their relation to sex and desire, that is, a broad collection of phenomena which—be it or not mediated by oral or written language, and integrated into complex emotional dynamics—are part of both individuals’ ‘real life’ and artistic production, including live or recorded music, but also theatre, dance, contemporary art or film.

Transposition is accepting proposals, in French and English (~1500-2500 characters including spaces, not counting the bibliography) until July 1st. Proposals should be sent to the following addresses: buch ; violeta.nigro.giunta The full articles will be required by January 2020.

In addition to the scientific papers for the thematic section, which will be reviewed and subject to the approval of the Scientific Committee, Transposition is open to other formats, either original – in which case author(s) are asked to specify that their submission is for the category Varia, or already having a precedent in the review, such as interviews (see

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