Call for Contributions: 21st Century Music Practice, CUP

21st Century Music Practice series of Elements by Cambridge University Press.

Deadline: ongoing

Elements are a new publishing format that CUP are promoting that consists of a 20,000 word text – somewhere in between a standard journal article and a book – and which can also involve extensive multi-media content. The series has developed out of the 21st Century Music Practice Research Network which currently has around 250 members in 30 countries and is dedicated to the study of what Christopher Small termed Musicking – the process of making and sharing music rather than the output itself.

Obviously this exists at the intersection of ethnomusicology, performance studies, and practice pedagogy / practice-led-research in composition, performance, recording, production, musical theatre, music for screen and other forms of multi-media musicking. The generic nature of the term ‘21st Century Music Practice’ reflects the aim of the series to bring together all forms of music into a larger discussion of current practice and to provide a platform for research about any musical tradition or style. It embraces everything from hip hop to historically informed performance and K-Pop to Inuk Throat Singing.

The series, like any journal or book series, will be based on an ongoing call for contributions and this email marks the formal start of that process. The main bulk of this email below is comprised of a detailed description of the five themes at the heart of this series: Scripts, Tools, Tacit Knowledge, Contexts and Methodologies. Information for contributors can be found here.

The initial starting point for any commission is to send a 2 or 3 page proposal to admin @ for initial consideration by the series editor and the CUP commissioning editor. You are also welcome to email me on this address to discuss any questions you may have about the series. Before publication, the full manuscript of all submissions will be subject to peer review. Details of copyright conditions and remuneration for both authors and peer reviewers can be found on the CUP website via the above link.

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