Wanted: New Associate Editor and members of the Editorial Board Metal Music Studies Journal

Wanted, new Associate Editor and members of the Editorial Board for Metal Music Studies

Deadline: 30.05.2019

*Journals aims & scope*

This peer-reviewed journal provides a focus for research and theory in
metal music studies, a multidisciplinary (and interdisciplinary) subject
field that engages with a range of parent disciplines. It provides a
platform for high-quality research and theory and aims to be a unique
resource for metal music studies. It is the intellectual hub for the
International Society of Metal Music Studies.

*Associate Editor*

Metal Music Studies is seeking a new Associate Editor to work with Niall
Scott, the new Principal Editor from 2020. The journal is published by
Intellect, and is the journal of the International Society for Metal Music
Studies. All Associate Editors need to be Post-Graduates. Ideally, they

• be active in metal music studies; and
• have editorial experience on a journal.

It may be possible that these people have acquired their status and
experience in a related field to metal music studies. Interested
individuals can send a CV to the current Principal Editor Karl Spracklen (
K.Spracklen @ leedsbeckett.ac.uk) by 30 May, 16:00 BST. If you want to know
more, please contact Karl at the same email address.

*Editorial Advisory Board*

Metal Music Studies is also formally seeking a number of new members of its
Editorial Advisory Board for 2020, to ensure the continued success of the
journal and the depth and diversity of its EAB. Please send your CV to Karl
Spracklen by the same date as the AE vacancy, 30 May, 16:00 BST.