Job: PhD position: Dutch Music Festivals, Public Spaces and Cultural Diversity, University of Bristol

Deadline: 08.03.2019

We are recruiting a PhD candidate for the Dutch subproject of a HERA project: EUROPEAN MUSIC FESTIVALS, PUBLIC SPACES AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY, including Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Southern Denmark, University of Limerick, Jagiellonian University, and University of Bristol.

Festivals are now a staple of many people’s cultural diets across Europe. Festivalisation denotes that festivals can no longer be regarded as merely periodic events, but, rather, as an increasingly popular means through which citizens consume and experience culture. Yet, whereas music festivals have the potential to connect people and foster tolerance, they may also reproduce inequalities and social exclusion. This project is a comparative study of music festivals as potential public spaces affording encounters with diversities.

You will research the cultural production, consumption and impact of music festivals, collecting data and doing field-work in the Netherlands. Within this context, you will focus on the intersections of (at least) two diversities – race-ethnicity and gender. You will work closely with your local supervisor dr. Pauwke Berkers and the team members at our European partner institutions. We give guidance about opportunities to present your work in scientific articles and at conferences, to take courses, to arrange a research visit abroad, and to liaise with festival organizers.

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