For the course of the artist SAMMY BALOJI and the writer and curator LOTTE ARNDT

 Duration: 22 July–3 August 2019

 Application deadline for Grants: 3 April 2019

 Grant Application

This is a two weeks’ course at the Salzburg Summer Academy is for everybody interested in postcolonial theory and practice. It addresses artists, curators, art historians, anthropologists, postcolonial theorists, students, and general public alike.

Participants will actively research traces in the postcolonial present; a special interest will be in landscape as bearer of history, and museum collections. The work can include a broad variety of media, such as photography, sound, installation, writing, painting, sculpture but can also take the shape of an exhibition concept, an essay, a theses. 

Sammy Baloji, artist and key figure of the Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Kongo) art scene, co-curator of the exhibition Kongo Stars and the curator and writer Lotte Arndt, Baloji’s longtime collaborator will guide through these two weeks. Participants will deal with postcolonial research and the question of giving shape to the excavated histories. The local history or histories participants bring with them will be the examples to work on.

Location: Hohensalzburg Fortress

Teaching Language: English (the teachers also speak French, German, Swahili, Lingala and Spanish)

Sammy Baloji, born 1978, was raised in Lubumbashi (CD), a centre of colonial, post-colonial and contemporary entanglements related to resources. Colliding reality and representation, his photography and multi-media installations expose tensions between past and present. He mines the archive, traces social history in architecture and landscape, and probes the body as a site of memory and witness to operations of power.

 He is co-founder of the Picha Encounters Biennale in Lubumbashi. 

 Selected solo exhibitions

 2018 A blueprint for toads and snakes. Framer Framed, Amsterdam. 2016-18 Sammy Baloji & Filip De Boeck – Urban Now: City Life in Congo, WIELS, Contemporary Art Center, Brussels; Open Society Foundation, New York, NY (US); The Power Plant, Toronto (CA); Galerias Municipais/EGEAC, Lisbon. 2014 Hunting and Collecting: Sammy Baloji, MuZee, Ostend (BE). 

 Selected group exhibitions

 2018 Congo Stars. Kunsthaus Graz (AT). 2017 documenta 14, Athens & Kassel (DE). 2016 11th Shanghai Biennale. Power Station of Art. Shanghai (CN). 2015/16 La vie moderne, 13th Biennale de Lyon (FR). 2015-17 Senses of time: video and film-based works of Africa. Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C.; LACMA, Los Angeles (CA). 2015 All the world’s futures, 56th Biennale di Venezia, Venice (IT). 

 Writer and curator Lotte Arndt (Paris) accompanies the work of artists who critically interrogate the postcolonial present and the blind spots of modernity, and co-organizes cultural programs, screenings and discussions. She co-curated Candice Lin: A Hard White Body (2017, with L. Morin at Bétonsalon, Paris, and 2018 at Portikus, Frankfurt/Main, with P. Pirotte); Tampered Emotions. Lust for Dust, Triangle France (June 2018); One Sentence Exhibition, Kadist (August 2018); and worked on the research program The Vacation of the Museum. Decolonize Ethnographic Collections with Cinema (2016-2018). Her PhD is dedicated to postcolonial negotiations in Paris based cultural magazines related to Africa (2013). She is a member of the artist and writers group Ruser l’image and the research group Global Art Prospective (INHA Paris), and publishes on artistic strategies that aim to subvert eurocentric narratives and institutions.